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What is AOL desktop gold? How it came into existence and how we can use them? The latest technology has drastically changed the scenario. The more we use the better feature we can adapt. Get used to this latest technology with high speed and reliability. AOL desktop gold combines all the necessary features required. Want to send an email or chat with your friends? Want to play games and browse the internet? All the features you will get with AOL desktop gold. In this article, you will get complete detail about AOL desktop gold login, and AOL desktop gold customer support.

Why AOL desktop important?

There are certain benefits of using AOL desktop gold which is given below.


Encryption and decryption should be your first choice. Prevent your AOL account with security. Additional authorization and password addition are only successful with enhanced security. Security is the basic criteria to be fulfilled because you never know any user can steal your data.

Easy to use

Easy to use and convenient to follow. Smooth transactions with the latest versions are available. Toolbar icon, password, mail can transfer with your contacts and favorite. New files were replaced by old ones. You can save space and time on your computer.

Live customer support

Any query or questions related to AOL desktop gold you can contact AOL desktop gold customer support online. You will get 24 /7 help through chat and phone. Get access to the desktop connectivity whenever you need it.

How to log in to AOL desktop gold?

There are certain steps you should follow before AOL desktop gold login.

  • The first step is you have to launch AOL desktop gold login. Next, you have to navigate to the login page.
  • Enter your username and click on continue. The screen will display the correct username if it is correct then click on the Next button.
  • The next step will be to enter the password in the rough area.
  • The last step is to click on the sign-in option and you are done. You can choose the save password or auto-sign option automatically.

Troubleshoot a problem with AOL desktop gold?

Are you facing a troubleshooting problem with AOL desktop gold login? To get rid of it follow the steps given below.

  • Clear all the browser cache memory. The primary step is mandatory.
  • Try to clear all the cookies, browsing history, and footprints available.
  • Enable the option of the Java applet to get rid of the ‘GAH’ error.
  • To avoid or resolve the error you need to change the settings of your browser as well as for the firewall.
  • Except for this, you can try to reset web settings on your device.

These are simple steps of troubleshooting. You can also contact AOL desktop gold customer support for further detail.

How to reinstall AOL gold?

Want to reinstall AOL gold and facing a problem? The latest version of AOL desktop gold will guide you further. Follow the steps mentioned over here.

  • Desktop gold official website visit is the first step to follow. Want to download the latest software version click on the link. Save the link in the download setup file and execute that file.
  • You need to follow the privacy and safety of the pop-up option.
  • With the help of your username and password, you can get into an AOL desktop gold login account.

Exciting features of AOL desktop

There are some amazing features of AOL gold which are mentioned below.

  • Simple to use, simple to download and install. The software is not so complicated and it will give a quick response.
  • ‘Talk room’ is a type of interface used for users. It is the idle and unique interface for users because no other feature of any software will provide so.
  • Easily accessible in managing AOL email. Management skills should be the best for any software.
  • Password managing skills should also be used accordingly. The unique password for any software will save your data and privacy.
  • Suspicious alerts are generated whenever there is a problem with it. No one can steal your data if any problems occur if a problem occurs then an alert will be generated.

System requirement to download AOL gold

Given below you will get to know about the system requirements required to download AOL gold.

  • Operating system: can use any window like Windows 7, window 10, window 8, window 8.1.
  • Processor: the computer processor speed should be a minimum of 260 megahertz.
  • Memory: minimum requirement of memory is 1GB ram or 500MB free hard disk space.
  • Internet: Internet connectivity should be active always.


Till now you are aware of certain things like AOL desktop gold login, and AOL desktop gold customer support. Technology plays a vital role to provide success as a whole. Get that software and use them for your own goal.