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Chime’s business is built around in a way that it does not profit off of you. Every single time you do a transaction using your Chimes Debit card, we earn a small piece of commission from the merchant ( like Visa). If you Face any kind of problem , feel free to reach out to the customer service team for assistance. They are available 24 x 7 for help and support. Use the toll-free helpline number, also known as Chime Customer Service and talk to customer service representative today. Chime was found by Chris Britt (CEO & co-Founder) and Ryan King(CTO & co- Founder).


Features of Chime:- Chime Customer Support

  1. Get paid Early : You can get your paycheck up to two days earlier which will help you out by doing more with your money, In simpler terms if you are going to get your money on upcoming Friday on a regular day then you will be getting it on Wednesday after using chime. So get paid early by enrolling for direct deposit in your chime account.

    For more information, dial Chime  Support Number and talk to a representative.

Now the question arises how to get paid early using direct deposit feature.

We are not like other get paid early apps, instead we are a fully featured mobile bank account where our clients can manage their transactions and savings. As soon as you sign up for a Chime bank account, we will sent you an email with a pre- filled direct deposit form that you can give to your employer as simple as that.

  1. Online Banking : Using our online banking services you can directly :
    1. Check your account balances, Daily transactions and saving from anywhere using the Chime mobile application.
    2. You will get daily balance notifications and instant transactions alerts just like you do with your regular bank card when you use your Chime Debit card.
    3. You can send money to your friends by using Pay friends feature on our mobile banking application.
    4. Get a notification as soon as you get a direct deposit posted in your account.
    5. You don’t have to get worried about getting your paychecks lost in the mail
    6. No monthly fee or hidden fee or open deposit required to open a bank account online. There is no international transaction fee and if you loose your debit card then we will deliver the new one for you on your registered address.
  2. Fee- free overdraft : You will be getting upto $100 overdraft purchase without any fee with SpotME service. However eligibility criteria and limits may be applied. To enroll this service you need to have a total of monthly qualifying direct deposits of $500 or more and whenever you use your debit card to make a purchase which exceeds your balance we will spot you up to your limit and when the next time deposit arrives in Chime, we will apply the negative balance to your account.
  1. Mobile Banking : Our award winning mobile banking services provides you a free debit card with no hidden bank fee or whatsoever with early 2 days direct deposit feature which will help you to grow your saving automatically. We have more than 5 million downloads on google playstore and 135,000+ five star ratings which tracks every transaction and savings to pay your friends. It works on all smartphones whether it be an android device or an iPhone. You can simply transfer money, deposit checks and pay bills and also increase your savings automatically without having any headache of hidden banking fee ever again.
  1. Automatic Savings : Our system is designed in a way that every time you use your Chime debit card us you will automatically save money as your spend is automatically rounds up the transactions to the nearest dollar and then send the Round up from your spending account in to your automatic savings account application and the more you will use your Chime debit card the more you will be saving. And not like other round up savings apps , Chime is a fully featured bank account so your money Is instantly available if you need it. Chime members also get a feature to save a certain portion of their paycheck everytime they receive a paycheck directly into their savings account to reach their goals faster.
  2. Mobile payments : Here we believe that sending money should be free to everyone always and therefore we do not charge any fee like other mobile payment applications and you can transfer money easily and free between chime bank accounts if you want to pay a friend or family. Use pay friends with ease and confidence as it is connected to your bank account. You don’t have to worry about connection your chime spending account to any other money transfer application.
    The money is instantly deposited to your bank account for spending or transfers between Chime accounts and there is no hidden fee at all. The money in Chime accounts are FDIC insured through The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank; Member FDIC, which means your money is protected.

How to send money in a couple of clicks:-

  1. After opening the Chime application on your phone or computer tap on ‘Pay Friends’.
  2. Put in your friend’s email or phone number or select them from your contact list.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and then hit ‘Send’.
  4. Your friend will receive a notification on his phone with instruction on how to sign up for a Chime Spending account and then claim the money if they do not have a Chime membership. Chime mobile payments are always free.
  5. Security & control : We take every measure to keep our user’s money safe and secure. Get Instant Set Up Support, Use Chime Phone Number
    1. You can always block your card temporarily using your mobile application if you have lost your card or you think any fraudulent activity is being taken place on your debit card.
    2. You can start or stop international transactions at any point of time using the mobile application.
    3. You will be getting real time notifications when you use your chime account, So that you know what is happening with your money any time.
    4. Your account is insured up to $2500,000 through our partners, ie The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, member FDIC.
    5. Chime debit cards are protected by the VISA Zero Liability** policy which means you can shop tension free and the cardholder will not be responsible for any unauthorized charges.
    6. We require two- Factor Authentication and finger print authentication.
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