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How to Change or Cancel a Sling TV Subscription?

Here’s How You Can Cancel Your Sling TV Subscription

Feel like cancelling your Sling TV subscription? Down below are the steps you need to take to cancel your subscription.

Step 1 – Sign in to your Sling TV account here (provide link).

Step 2 Now, you will be directed to an account settings page, where you can click on the Cancel Subscription option.

Step 3 – Select a reason for cancellation from the list of options and then press the ‘Continue’ option

Step 4 – Now, click on the option that reads Cancel My Subscription

Step 5 – At last, enter your password and select Cancel My Subscriptionoption and your account will be deleted.

If you still get stuck with any of the above-mentioned steps, feel free to reach out to the customer service team for assistance. They are available 24 x 7 for help and support. Use the toll-free helpline number, also known as Sling TV customer service phone number and talk to customer service representative today.

Explore Unlimited Entertainment

 What could be possibly better than getting from the tangled cord dependent life, right? Sling TVs offer a bundle of content directly over the internet and they are the most popular choice for non-stop entertainment. People all across the world binge watch on Sling TVs and customize their channel lineup. Watching content over Sling TV is a preferred choice and the most prominent reason out of many is the ease and comfort the OTT streaming device provides to its consumers. Sling TVs are best known for the way it has integrated technology and taken the streaming services to a whole new level. It has leveraged technology in the smartest way and has combined modern-day viewing preferences with. It has given the consumers comprehensive and hands-on evaluation. It equips its users with a very high level of control over their consumption of content and has opened a wide collection of choices for them, leaving them spoilt for choice. It provides its viewers with a hassle-free experience and gives them an enhanced entertainment experience. The American OTT streaming service is owned by Dish Network and within a span of 5 years; it has found a place in most households. For more information, dial Sling Tv Support Number and talk to a representative.

TVs Designed For Excellence


There are lots of reasons why you should become a Sling TV user. Not only is it the topmost pick for half a decade now, but it also gives you freedom and flexibility like no other TV. Sling TVs do not function on a cable connection setup or satellite-based broadcast fixings, liberates you from the agonizing bond of cables. They run content over the internet, so you can enjoy video-on-demand services and cater exactly to your needs and preferences. Hence, to enjoy Sling TV services to the completest, having a high-speed and stable internet connection is necessary. Listed down below are the set of reasons you must explore to know why you should be a Sling TV owner.

  1. Customize your channel lineup
  2. Best for people looking for live TV
  3. No setup required
  4. No hidden fees
  5. An inexpensive set of subscriptions
  6. No long-term contracts
  7. Test without a 1-week free trial
  8. Movie rentals available
  9. Add on packages available
  10. Multi-channel add ons available.

If you want to know more about the product, you can reach out to a customer support executive by contacting Sling TV Customer Service. Just dial the toll-free helpline number .

Get Instant Set Up Support, Use Sling TV Phone Number

Rendering good customer service support is of paramount importance and is a vital element of business operations as well. This is very well gauged by Sling TV operators and hence, they have a robust customer service team for proper handling of customer queries. If you want to know anything about Sling TV services, whether it is about packages, rental charges, Sling Orange, Sling Blue etc. feel free to reach out to them. They will provide you with all the information you need. If you are encountering a technical error also, you can reach out to them for honest and competent assessment.

The customer service professionals are well educated about the products and reflect brand values while they handle the queries. Skilled and trained with the ability to handle and help customers, they brainstorm every possible scenario with the problem and equip you with the most appropriate solution. They ensure satisfaction by leading you through various methods of monitoring and assessing. It is imperative to give feedback positively, hence, they ensure that the service they provide is effective and eases out customer’s burden in the shortest period possible. So, do not waste your precious time, sitting around and trying to manually solve your problems. Sling TV customer service is available throughout the day aka 24 x 7, so you can call them right away on their toll-free helpline number- Sling TV Phone Number  and address your problems directly. Pick up your phones and call them right away!

 Try The 7-Day Trial Version 

Get hands-on Sling Tv experience at zero cost by taking the 7-day free trial. This will give you a quick sneak peek into how your entertainment is simplified by Sling TV and how it enormously adds value to your enjoyment. For cord-cutters looking for live TV experience, this is the best place to be as it gives you wireless experience. You do not have to bear the frustration of handling those long wires that get tangled around your TVs and makes it look super untidy and unattractive. Not only that but if you are also tired of paying high rentals and jaw-dropping TV bills that burn a hole in your pocket, it is time to upgrade to Sling TV subscriptions. It will help you get rid of that and you can get your hands on inexpensive set of subscriptions that are created keeping in mind the value of money. After the free trial, you can choose from the two variety of Sling TVs- Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Both give you access to a different set of channels. You can also opt to buy both. The prices are listed down below for your reference.

  1. Sling Orange – $25 per month
  2. Sling Blue – $25 per month
  3. Sling Orange + Sling Blue – $40 per month

To know more about the packages and services, feel free to contact  Sling TV Customer Support Use Sling TV Phone Number .

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