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How to Reset Chromecast

reset chromecast

Chromecast is a unique device for Google Chrome. The device with which you can use to watch the content on a big screen. The content you watch on a big screen can be plugged into a TV or monitor using an HDMI port. Chromecast does not require any subscription charges. The services like Hulu, Netflix need some subscription charges to access them. How to reset Chromecast is a big question. Have a look below to know in detail about Chromecast.

What is Chromecast?

A hardware device manufactured and developed by Google. The service enables to watch stream media using wireless TV. A wired connection is eliminated using a Chromecast device to stream music, images, videos over Wi-Fi.

Considering an example suppose you have saved a movie on your phone and you want to watch it on a big screen like TV. You can use Chromecast in this case rather than using the cable and get connected to the TV. The step can be followed without a wire connection.

The steps to reset Chromecast

The reset of Chromecast requires certain steps. If your Chromecast is not working properly or is not connected with your phone or monitor you need to reset it. Resetting will refresh the device and will restore it to the factory settings. The steps on how you can reset the Chromecast are given below.

  • The first step you have to hold and press the reset button of Chromecast. The reset button for second and third-generation Chromecast is available at the sight of the device. Hold the reset button until the orange light blinking turns white.
  • Make a note for those who use the first-generation Chromecast the reset button is on the backside of the streaming device. This step will take hardly 30 seconds.
  • Next, you need to disconnect the USB power cable and wait for few seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cable with the Chromecast. This will help in the factory reset of your device.

Suppose you are facing a problem after following these steps. You need to avail Chromecast support number. The number you can get online easily.

For the Google Home app

Now the question arises if you want to reset Chromecast from the Google home application. What can be the further steps to do so? Have a look below.

  • Use your phone or tablet to open the Google Home app. The Google Home app will look upon the entire Chromecast device.
  • Click on the Chromecast device. At the bottom of the home screen, you will notice Google Home device.
  • Click on the Settings option. The setting option will be geared shaped icon.
  • You need to choose factory reset and click on the OK button.
  • Doing this a small window will appear. The question of whether you want to reset your device or not will arise. You just need to tab the OK button.

These are the simple steps to reset using the Google Home app. The Chromecast customer service number is also available for more issues.

How does Chromecast work on TV?

Using a wireless router you can connect stream media to your TV device. This is done using a Chromecast device. The mandatory option is a wireless router at your home. Using a wireless router you can avail following steps.

Mobile devices streaming

You can use a tablet or phone to stream the content. You need to install the Chromecast app which is compatible with your device. You can use Google cast whichever suits your device.

Local storage usage

Suppose you have a video library you can stream this option. You need to share folders on your computer. A hard drive and network-attached storage are necessary. You have to keep shared resources in your home network.

Internet streaming

Using a desktop or laptop to stream the video and music you need a Google Chrome web browser. This is a critical step you need to eliminate it and watch it on the big screen with the help of Chromecast.

How to connect Chromecast to Wi-Fi?

Suppose you’re using a Chromecast of the new brand you just need to plug it and visit the Chromecast setup website. The website you visit will help you to run the program. You can take help from the Chromecast support number available online.

Suppose you want to follow a manual Wi-Fi network setup. You need to visit the Google Home page and select your device. Next move on to the setting option. The next option will be the Wi-Fi option. The next option will be the forgotten option and you are on the correct way to set up a new Wi-Fi network.

Bottom line

The design of Chromecast and the features available are unique. Till now you are aware of the factory set up of Chromecast. How to use it and what are the necessities of it. For more details, you can call the Chromecast customer service number. The unique wireless device is giving you the option to watch your favorite movie on a big screen. All these features are part of the technological world and we are thankful for them.

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